Mary McIntyre

Mut-Talk 4 with Mary McIntyre: How the stars changed her stars

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Mut-Talks Folge 4
Hosted by Ira Mollay  •  Musik: Inner Journey by Audionautix
Recorded on February 6, 2020

In conversation with Mary McIntyre – amateur astronomer, presenter and writer

“I am now so stubbornly determined to not let this condition beat me no matter what stage of pain I’m in …”

“I’m never gonna go back to the place I was before because there’s too many things that have been re-sparked in my head and I’ll just keep fighting.”

“…but I am strongly of the mind that I’d rather have those big positive days and then take the consequences ”

Mary McIntyre



0:00 Soundbites and welcome
1:34 How Ira and Mary met
3:06 Iridium Flares and the passion for the night skies
4:38 About Mary’s Astronomy GCSE and astrophotography
5:24 About Mary’s talks and workshops about astronomy
6:36 Women in science
7:39 UK Women in Astronomy Network
10:06 How interested are women in astronomy/science topics?
12:39 Celebrating the many talents of women
13:23 What kind of encouragement do girls need?
14:07 Making female role-models in history more visible
15:35 About Mary’s passion for bass playing
18:19 What Mary learned from playing in a band
20:18 How Mary overcame her stage-fright
23:57 Mary’s career in science and how some heavy lifting drastically changed her life
27:44 How electrodes make Mary’s life much easier
29:20 About hate messages on social media
31:40 What helped Mary out of the worst periods?
33:24 Mindfulness, meditation, acceptance
37:58 The importance of seeing one’s own progress in larger time-frames
39:20 Finding a balance
40:23 Allowing yourself to take breaks
41:57 Mary’s crafting activities
44:31 How Mary brought her two passions of art and astronomy together
45:34 Other arts, crafts and recycling projects
47:49 How Mary cross-links all her interests in different ways
50:03 Try things and follow your interests!
51:54 Finding different ways of learning
52:49 Follow your heart, no matter what others say!
53:30 What Mary needs courage for
56:15 Where Mary gets courage from
1:05:08 F(l)arewell

Audio version of the podcast:



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