Mary McIntyre

Mut-Talk 4 with Mary McIntyre: How the stars changed her stars

Mut-Talks Folge 4
Hosted by Ira Mollay  •  Musik: Inner Journey by Audionautix
Recorded on February 6, 2020

In conversation with Mary McIntyre – amateur astronomer, presenter and writer

„I am now so stubbornly determined to not let this condition beat me no matter what stage of pain I’m in …“

„I’m never gonna go back to the place I was before because there’s too many things that have been re-sparked in my head and I’ll just keep fighting.“

„…but I am strongly of the mind that I’d rather have those big positive days and then take the consequences “

Mary McIntyre



In this episode, Ira Mollay talked with Mary McIntyre about …

  • how they met via Iridium Flares
  • how Mary got into astronomy
  • how Mary encourages girls and women to become active and visible in astronomy and science
  • the UK Women In Astronomy Network and the role of women in astronomy in history and today
  • how the interest of girls in STEM topics changes at a certain age
  • what came of Mary growing up in the disco age
  • how Mary ended up in three bands and what she has learned from being a band member
  • how Mary tackled her stage fright
  • how some heavy lifting drastically changed Mary’s life
  • that there is at least one activity for every posture
  • how electrodes make Mary’s life much easier
  • what helped Mary out of the worst periods
  • the role that mindfulness and acceptance have come to play in Mary’s life
  • building a community of trust for coping with challenging issues
  • how it is not always easy to take good advice and learn to say no
  • how important it is to see your own progress in larger time-frames
  • what arts and crafts Mary pursues
  • how the loss of physical abilities initially changed Mary’s confidence and mental well-being and how she dealt with it and overcame it
  • how Mary taught herself to combine astronomy and art and thus become a better observer
  • other arts and crafts as well as recycling projects that Mary does to make the best use of her time
  • how Mary cross-links all her other interests in different ways
  • what Mary needs courage for and where gets her courage from
  • how Mary deals with the „keyboard warriors“
  • that it is okay not to be perfect and get everything 100% right



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